Nostrum AI

At the Interface of Biology and Technology

We bring you an AI drug discovery methodology with the module-wise clinical trials so that the approach is focused with measurable outcomes at every step of the way. In an effort to improve clinical outcomes, Nostrum exclusively brings AI drug discovery processes with comprehensive research and in-depth clinical trials. The amalgamation of artificial intelligence and the medical industry is one of the significant steps toward revolutionising the overall existing health and drug production. The module-wise trials, treatments, and tests ensure solutions of the ultimate scientific diaspora. The drug discoveries eventually become the harbinger of greater market demand and lower input costs.

Creating Scientific Cloud Data Lakes

An AI-based drug discovery startup with utmost focus on creating pools of data lakes for easy accessibility and quick outcome. Creating an AI drug discovery becomes a program of continuous support and assistance. To enhance the services and quality of the solutions, data lakes are an essential factor that comes into play as the basic yet strong foundation. Establishing these data lakes would make them the central repository of reference data for the accessibility of applications. The data lakes would later generate readable content for humans with automatic search and browsing capabilities.

Central Repo for all the Reference Data

An opportunity to explore multiple data pool and put into actions. The data lakes ingeniously help create a central storage space for all the applications by marking an opportunity to explore data pools. Its ability to read and generate human-readable content helps fasten the process of results, delivery, and execution. A central repo would help make a workflow process, read and publish reports and even understand the analytics. The central repository filters data from the pool for better customer and research solutions.

Human Readable Content

A guarantee of easy accessibility and readability for making reachability and scalability one step higher. Our meticulously engineered solution promises a glitch and error-free reading methodology that can be easily accessed. The human-readable content in the data lakes controls chaos and builds symbiotic conditions for research and utility. Apart from that, it also expands the platform for data collaboration and re-use of data. The fast readability also helps in creating blob storage like Amazon S3.

Browse and Search Capabilities

An easy navigation track for the users to speed up the process of AI drug discovery for significant impact. With numerous data pools in the form of a data lake, browsing becomes even more effortless, unlike popular belief. An efficient navigation tracker helps increase the process of taking the user to their destined areas of interest in significantly less time. To bolster the impact of the research, fast and quick searches kill time and deliver in the most convenient manner during the research or regular searches.

Self organising

Automated organising with little to no human effort. Managing and keeping up with updates is arduous in a space where information and data are gargantuan in every aspect. To modify the entire process of research, clinical trials, and searches, the data self organises itself with the help of artificial intelligence with no human effort. Machine learning and generative systems accumulate and organise data efficiently, which further helps every step of the research and experiments.


Targeting Global Health

Our unparalleled research and development promise exceptional engineering for future drugs in the global community. Our primary objective is to bolster the process of drug discovery so that the requirements across the globe are met with finance and the best of technologies. Our drug engineering has a patient-centric approach that eventually cuts the lengthy trial and testing phases by empowering machine learning and artificial intelligence software techniques. The goal is not only to create momentum in the universe of pharmacy but also to take the health industry a few steps ahead by insinuating the best clinical success.

Aims to Achieve the Best Patient Health

Our goal is to engineer the best drugs with less time and precision. The objective is to create a clinical triumph to aid the patients. By clubbing accurate information and data to our own laboratories, Our experts have been able to establish experiments and clinical assessments firmly. The multiple corridors of designs and trials not only enhance the quality of the drug manufactured but also the global health index with quick recoveries and more clinical trials.

Mission, Vision and Focus

In a journey to re-imagine the existing drug discovery methodology, we aspire to bring in the revolution that can skyrocket the overall scenario of the medical industry. Our goal is to amalgamate the latest and unique AI methodology in the process of drug discovery in order to fasten the process. Short clinical trials and tests can be made possible with every AI-based drug manufacturing. With such procedures, our goal is to strengthen the medical field with the latest designed AI technology and multi-disciplinary interface. We focus on executing AI frameworks for data generation to increase the capacity of machine learning systems.

Creating Value from the Data in Data Lakes

Developing an AI drug discovery program requires continuous support and assistance. As the basic yet strong foundation for enhancing the quality and services of the solutions, data lakes are essential. The establishment of these data lakes would make them the central repository of reference data for application accessibility. It will later be possible to search and browse the data lakes automatically for readable content that humans can read. The data lakes help the user to access data in the most filtered and curated form. Along with it, the documentation is also embedded within the data, with every revision made hard-and-fast.