The vendor-neutral, cloud-native, purpose-built Nostrum AI Data Platform seamlessly connects instruments and systems and engineers raw, primary data in the cloud to a form that's harmonized, enriched, and actionable.

Collect data using productized integrations

Connect data sources and targets as part of a flexible platform, eliminating the need for fragile point-to-point solutions.
Unify silos and move all your scientific data to a single location, reducing access and maintenance time and cost.

Enrich raw data with metadata context

Realize greater value and find data more quickly and through data enriched with meaning and scientific context.
Simplify regulatory compliance through a complete audit trail that provides visibility into changes and history of all scientific data.

Harmonize content for FAIR data

Increase visibility and ROI by unifying all of your scientific data across multiple vendor formats into an open, vendor-agnostic format.
Eliminate the time and effort to manually locate, process, and manage data across multiple sources, reducing errors and the risk of data loss.

Publish high-quality, centralized data

Improve access to data across the organization through harmonized data prepared for AI/ML, visualizations, and advanced analytics.
Scale elastically using dynamic, cloud-native infrastructure to manage increasing volumes of data in a secure and compliant environment.

Platform Capabilities

  • Integrations

    Connect your entire lab through productized Tetra Integrations that collect and harmonize the data from thousands of different instruments and informatics applications.
  • Flexible data processing

    Customize and configure your data processing through flexible pipelines that support your critical use cases and extend to add new technologies and processes for future needs.
  • Data harmonization

    Simplify integrating with different vendor data formats using a flexible Intermediate Data Schema (IDS) that centralizes access to FAIR data in an open, vendor-agnostic format.
  • Actionable analytics

    Speed up time to insight from AI/ML, data exploration, and analysis with prepared data that are easy to connect with your existing analytics and visualization solutions to analyze key trends, and identify innovation opportunities.
  • Cloud-native infrastructure

    Access centralized data in the cloud built upon AWS to gain storage and processing scalability and enterprise-grade security, including single sign on (SSO) and role-based user management and authentication.
  • GxP compliance ready

    Reduce risk through a SOC 2 Type 2 compliant platform and capabilities including audit trail, continuous qualification, logging/monitoring.
  • Powerful interface

    Quickly configure and deploy new processes and technologies through a comprehensive programmatic API and access, explore and visualize the scientific data you need through a centralized search interface and SQL query.